About Us

About Us

UK S Futures is the sister company to Pilot IMS a well-established and highly respected Ofsted Grade 2 national training provider with many years of experience delivering Skills, Welfare and Youth programmes for public and private partners.

UK S Futures provides benefits to local residents from varied backgrounds by offering support with training, development and employment.

We passionately believe in helping local communities with tailor-made volunteering and work placement programmes using non-mainstream funding streams. We provide support to community groups and charities with volunteering programmes.

Our missions at UK S Futures CIC are…

  • To support and add value to local communities by offering none funded activities to those most in need supporting economic and social growth.
  • To support community groups and charities with volunteering programmes
  • To support economic change in our local communities through the development and employment of local residents.
  • To attract non-mainstream funding that positively impacts our community.

Our Values

  • Integrity – To work with each other and all community stakeholders in a reliable, honest and truthful manner at all times.
  • Equality – To promote equality in everything we do to bring our communities together.
  • Compassion – To be compassionate and empathetic with each other and all community stakeholders.
  • Passionate Commitment – Undertake to be fully committed to ourselves, all customers and communities.
  • Social Responsibility – We will acknowledge our responsibility to the broader communities that we serve.